Health and Wellbeing

Publications to promote health and wellbeing for all

Sierra Nevada

Health, wellbeing, and wholeness 

in personal growth, relationships, 

and community provide the foundation for satisfaction and quality of life.

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Agape: The Amazing Powers of Love

A Book of Threads for Contemplation and Weaving

Our minds and hearts are amazingly powerful in finding ways to 

nurture themselves, overcome pain, and gain fulfillment, while also 

making positive contributions 

to the lives of those we love.  

This little booklet provides threads 

of thoughts and images to guide contemplation in weaving a fabric 

of creative energy and pervading love for our lives and relationships.

Healthcare Considerations

for Patients with Mental Illness and Trauma Survivors

A free publication provided as a community service project 

to support so many who 

experience serious challenges 

in receiving the care they need.

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Spirit and Faith

Growth in spirit and faith community

Truckee River, CA

Health and wellbeing are tremendously enhanced through spiritual growth and the mutual support of faith community.  These publications are directed at 

the Christian audience in support of 

God's unconditional love and full inclusion in church and community.

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The Future of Christian Love

Waterwheel Falls, Yosemite

In Search of Living Water

What is the role of the Christian church in fulfilling the spiritual and community needs of our changing society?

How can we reach, embrace, and serve the young, the diverse, and the disadvantaged?

What does it truly mean to live in love?

Where is God's love?

Written by a member of the choir rather than the one preaching to the choir.

The Future of Christian Love

Stanislaus River, CA

Exploration Companion

This exploration guide accompanies the book, The Future of Christian Love: 

In Search of Living Water.

The intent is to challenge our worldviews, attitudes, and behaviors 

in faith, calling us all to action 

through reflections, open-ended questions, and activities in response to the original book's quest.

God's love is right here,

among and within everyone.