Education and Psychology Applications

Publications by Dr. Tipton for educators and families

Every child can learn and grow in health.  

There is never an end to hope 

for anyone, anywhere.

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Hope for Challenging Children, Vol. I

Hope Valley, California

Developmental Issues and 

Behavior Management, Second Edition

Practical Information

for Families and Educators

Essential understanding with practical strategies

for supporting your child's healthy development.

The Second Edition is updated, 

cleaner and easier to read, with a new chapter on 

promoting language development.

Hope for Challenging Children, Vol. II

Carson River, Hope Valley, California

Educational Issues, Second Edition

Practical, hands-on information 

and strategies on a variety of important 

educational issues.

Written to help families and educators

make sure their children start off 

on the right foot, with tools to help 

manage challenges and progress in learning.

Learning Process Profile: Appraisal Forms

Hope Valley, California

An experiential approach to informal,

pre-referral assessment and

 intervention planning for 

struggling students of all ages.  

This appraisal and planning system is 

designed to put the reins in the hands 

of those who actually do the work, 

with the collaborative support 

of an intervention specialist.

IEP Realities

Pitfalls and Possibilities

What to Expect and to Seek

This booklet provides a frank look

at what should be expected 

and what should not in navigating the 

complex regulations and procedures of 

the IEP process.  The system can turn into a maze 

that seems to be an overbearing and obstructive 

monolith of micromanaging technicalities 

and mandates.  This is the IEP user's manual 

that does not come in the box.

Traumatized Children in Our Schools

A short compilation of essential

information and practical strategies

for teachers who work to educate

child survivors.

Hope System for Elementary Schools

Lake Tahoe, California

A Social-Emotional Learning Program,

Second Edition

Researched and developed to promote

social competence and wellbeing

in all children, with a special bent

toward fostering resilience

in traumatized children.

Hope Strategies for the Elementary School Class

Carson City Sunrise

A Classroom Toolbox for Developing

Social-Emotional Competence

Hope System for Elementary Schools reformatted to become accessible 

for use by individual educators.  

The goal is to make these effective strategies available to more teachers and children by providing teachers 

the flexibility of self-selection and individualized application 

that is lost with the mandates and 

time commitments of formal programs.