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Kathlyn Tipton, Psy.D., Specialist in Educational Psychology

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About Hope System

The mission of Hope System, Publishing and Consultation, is to provide useful, effective resources and tools for teaching, learning, 

and growing in health and wellbeing.  

The goal is to support and empower parents, educators, and students in their work.

Included in this effort is dedication to 

motivating and guiding communities and 

service systems toward becoming cohesive, collaborative teams, with the direction and resources they need to fulfill their critical organizational and support roles. 

The publications and support services 

are developed and provided by Kathlyn 

Tipton, Psy.D., specialist in educational

psychology.  Her education, life and 

work experience, and nonstop professional 

development provide the foundation and 

building materials to turn research and 

professional practices into accessible, 

effective, ground-level strategies.

Dr. Tipton worked as a school psychologist 

in California and Nevada public schools 

for 16 years, and she engaged in 

private practice for an additional three years.  

She has also provided community education 

programs, and occasionally served in 

independent consultation and program development/evaluation roles for schools 

and school administrators. 

Wherever Dr. Tipton works, she strives to guide 

her clients in gaining skills and resources 

for independent self-direction and 

problem-solving.  The best outcome is when 

they no longer need her services. 


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Kathlyn M. Tipton, Psy.D.

Specialist in Educational Psychology

Publishing, Coaching, and Consultation

Hope System, Publishing and Consultation

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